Do you remember your black high school science lab table tops? Well, that is Tough Tops. Tough Tops are industrial grade work surfaces made from epoxy resin. They are the same material found in health, science and educational facilities. They have a smooth, low glare surface easy to maintain and are ideal for residential and commercial applications. Due to their strength, Tough Tops are uniquely suited for interior surfacing application in garages, work surfaces, mud closets, sporting equipment & garden supply closets, laundry rooms, children’s play areas and more. They have been used successfully for years in almost every application imaginable.

Tough Tops are:

  • Heat Resistance. They can withstand temperatures well above what is
  • Non Porous. They cannot delaminate, swell or spall
  • Cost-effective. They are the most cost-effective alternative to other work surface products.
  • Available cut to size. Perfect for any size job.
  • Environmentally Friendly. Contributes to LEED Credits in Credit 4.5 Low Emitting Materials, Credit 3.1 Resource Reuse and Credit 5.1 Local or Regional Materials.

Color Samples